Website developers by name...

We are website developers, as our name suggests! website-dev is a collective of web developers, with two main developers - Andrew Lang and Greg Singer - acting as both project managers and developers. We are based in Northampton, UK. as a company has been existance for 14 years (since early 2005), but our experience stretches further back than that as we have individally been web developers since the 90s.

From e-commerce online shops to fully content-managed community websites, to intranet groupware, to .... whatever your specific requirements need, we can develop a site that works the way your business needs it to.

Our methods are straight-forward, our execution professional. We make sure we understand what it is you need, while offering clear, jargon-free advice.

We work efficiently - as website developers with many years experience, we have a large library of tools already developed that can "plug in" to the website we develop for you (such as a messageboard, or member registration page, or a shopping basket) - and therefore we can offer websites at very cost-effective website prices that are 100% reliable as they have been fully tested.

The site we develop for you must match your requirements completely - so in some cases, we will tailor our code to suit the website's specific needs, or write from scratch new tools to satisfy any website requirement.

As website developers, we value clear, functional, and easy-to-use websites that do not hinder search engines in indexing a site's content, nor prevent visitors from finding what they are looking for. For us, substance over style ultimately leads to good design.

We adhere to good coding practices which ensure your site will be fully "optimized" for search engines - we've even created our own search engine optimization guide to help users understand what it's all about, as well as optimize their own pages and save money!

Please take a look at a selected range of websites we've completed under the "Sites Created" section on the left - including e-commerce website examples and content-managed website examples.

We're very confident of our services - in fact, we're happy to let you compare our services with similar offerings out there via a directory of web design services.

If you are looking to update your website, or have a new one developed, we'd be very happy to hear from you - click here to send us an e-mail.

Websites we've developed...

Health and Beauty community website featuring a directory, news section (with automatic news feeds) and a forum....

More Info >>>

A community site with contributions from visitors in regards to health and beauty related tips....

More Info >>>

Niche directory dedicated to skin care products and services that's using the directory template...

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Niche website directory with lots of daily-updated bespoke features that's dedicated to cleaning services...

More Info >>>

website directory listing various design and creative related websites...

More Info >>>

A directory of home and garden websites. Features automatic screen capturing of each website added, a forum, news aggregator....

More Info >>>

Website directory with lots of bespoke features...

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Article website allowing self-service of publication (with approval). ...

More Info >>>

Directory with bespoke features dedicated to transport and delivery businesses...

More Info >>>

E-commerce site selling velcro and strap fasteners...

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