puresilva Website Template

All the websites we develop are done so in-house. We never outsource any of our work as we believe in knowing everything about the sites we develop. In fact, we've even developed our own website template - puresilva - from scratch.

Most developers rely on 3rd party templates like Joomla!, ZenCart, OSCommerce etc as their platform to build sites. This can often mean they simply don't have the full understanding of the platform they're developing on - they know just enough to get by, and if you want customisations, they're off to the various respective forums and messageboards to ask for help - or even worse - get another outsourced company to do the work.

When you call us, you're immediately talking to a developer of your site. You get quick answers, and no help-desk frontliners to battle your way through to the RIGHT person.

We use our template as a starting point to all sites we develop. We can quickly customise the codebase to includes bespoke features should your site require them.